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Best Manufacturers & Suppliers of Wollastonite in India

Fillerboy Pvt Ltd sells the finest Wollastonite mineral in India. In India, we are a significant supplier of Wollastonite to plastics, paints, ceramics, friction products, building materials, and other industries. We supply Wollastonite to our clients' houses while purifying and increasing its richness.

Fillerboy Pvt Ltd one of India's leading Wollastonite suppliers, provides high-quality Wollastonite to a wide range of industries around the world.


What is Wollastonite:

Wollastonite is a calcium inosilicate mineral that may contain trace levels of iron, magnesium, and manganese that act as calcium substitutes. It is often white.

Although wollastonite is slightly soluble in water, slips containing it might grow more alkaline (potentially affecting rheological properties). This can be advantageous in casting bodies since gelation can reduce casting rates. Wollastonite is available in powder form with tiny particle sizes as well as fibrous 'high aspect ratio' products (20:1). This material has a peculiar texture and does not flow at all (a hand full can be picked up with fingers downward).

Uses and Applications of Wollastonite :


Wollastonite is a naturally occurring calcium silicate mineral with unique properties. FillerBoy Pvt Ltd offers premium-grade wollastonite for various industrial applications. It is commonly used in ceramics, plastics, paints, coatings, friction materials, and more due to its exceptional reinforcement and functional properties.

In the ceramics industry, wollastonite acts as a fluxing agent, enhancing the strength and firing properties of ceramics. Its needle-like structure also contributes to improving thermal shock resistance and dimensional stability, making it a favored choice for ceramic formulations.

Wollastonite is employed as a reinforcing filler in plastics to improve mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact resistance, and dimensional stability. FillerBoy's high-quality wollastonite products contribute to enhancing the performance of plastic materials.

Wollastonite is used in paints and coatings as a functional extender, providing improved durability, adhesion, and weather resistance. Its low oil absorption and high brightness contribute to enhancing the optical and mechanical properties of coatings.

Wollastonite is a key ingredient in friction materials like brake pads and linings. Its unique combination of hardness, thermal conductivity, and reinforcement properties helps improve frictional performance, heat dissipation, and wear resistance in automotive applications.

Yes, wollastonite is considered environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is a naturally occurring mineral with minimal processing requirements, making it an eco-conscious choice for various industries. FillerBoy's wollastonite products align with sustainable manufacturing practices.

FillerBoy specializes in delivering customized mineral solutions, including wollastonite, to cater to the unique needs of different industries. Our team of experts collaborates with clients to understand specific requirements and provide tailored wollastonite solutions for optimal performance.

FillerBoy Pvt Ltd is a trusted supplier of high-quality wollastonite products. Our commitment to excellence, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Partner with FillerBoy for reliable wollastonite solutions that meet the highest industry standards.