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We Fillerboy Pvt Ltd manufacture Soapstone in accordance with client specifications. We are a major supplier of soapstone to the cosmetic, detergent, dal mills, textile, printing ink, rubber, and other industries in Rajasthan. Fillerboy Pvt Ltd provides Soapstone minerals at the most competitive prices in India and around the world.

Fillerboy Pvt Ltd , one of the leading Soapstone suppliers in India, supplies high-quality Soapstone to various industries worldwide


What is Soapstone:

The world's softest mineral is soapstone. Despite the fact that all soapstone ores are soft, platy, water-repellent, and chemically inert, no two pieces of talc are the same. Soapstone is an essential component of daily life. A few things enhanced by soapstone are the periodicals we read, the plastics in our automobiles and homes, the paints we use, and the tiles we step on.
We purchase our talc from some of India's top soapstone producers. Mg3Si4010(0H)2 is the scientific name for soapstone, a hydrated magnesium sheet silicate. Soapstone is essentially insoluble in water, mild acids, and alkalis. It is neither explosive nor flammable. Talc is an organophilic substance because some organic molecules strongly attract it despite having low chemical reactivity. At temperatures exceeding 900°C, soapstone begins to shed its hydroxyl groups, and at temperatures above 1050°C, it re-crystallizes into various types of statues (anhydrous magnesium silicate). The melting point of soapstone is 1500 °C.

Uses and Applications of Soapstone :


Soapstone powder is a versatile mineral product derived from soapstone, a soft and chemically inert material. Fillerboy Pvt Ltd provides high-quality soapstone powder that finds applications in various industries, including cosmetics, detergents, printing ink, dal mills, and rubber. Its unique properties make it valuable for enhancing the performance of different products.

Fillerboy Pvt Ltd manufactures soapstone powder in accordance with client specifications. They source soapstone from top producers and process it to create a finely powdered form. The resulting soapstone powder is used in diverse industrial applications.

Soapstone is utilized in the cosmetic industry to enhance the texture and performance of cosmetic products. Its water-repellent and chemically inert characteristics make it suitable for various formulations.

Soapstone plays a role in the detergent industry by improving the cleaning efficiency of detergents. Its platy and water-repellent nature enhances the dispersal of detergent particles, leading to effective cleaning.

Soapstone is used in the printing ink industry to enhance the quality of inks. Its properties contribute to improved ink flow, consistency, and printability, making it a valuable ingredient in ink formulations.

Yes, soapstone powder has applications in dal mills. It can be used as a processing aid to improve the flow and prevent caking of dal grains during milling, contributing to smoother processing.

Soapstone's chemically inert and non-reactive nature makes it safe for use in the rubber industry. It is used to enhance the processing and performance of rubber compounds.

Talc mineral, also known as soapstone, is a hydrated magnesium sheet silicate. It is the main component of soapstone and possesses similar characteristics such as water repellency and chemical inertness. Soapstone is derived from talc mineral through specific processing methods.