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Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

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Fillerboy Pvt Ltd offers the best Precipitated Calcium Carbonate mineral in India at the most affordable price. We are a major supplier of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate to the paint and paper industries in Rajasthan. Fillerboy provides Precipitated Calcium Carbonate minerals at the most competitive prices in India and around the world.


What is PCC:

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, often referred to as purified, refined, or synthetic calcium carbonate, is referred to as PCC. Similar to other forms of calcium carbonate like limestone, marble, and chalk, it has the same chemical formula, CaCO3. Three separate calcium carbonate minerals may be created by arranging the calcium, carbon, and oxygen atoms in different ways. The hexagonal form of calcium carbonates known as calcite is the most prevalent configuration for both precipitated and ground calcium carbonates. Scalenohedral, rhombohedral, and prismatic crystal formations of calcite are among the varieties that can exist. Aragonite has a discontinuous or clustered needle orthorhombic crystal structure, making it less frequent. Vaterite calcium carbonate is a rare and often unstable mineral.

Uses and Applications of PCC :


Calcium carbonate powder is a versatile mineral compound that is widely used in various industries. Fillerboy Pvt Ltd offers high-quality precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) in the form of powder. It finds applications in industries such as paint, paper, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and rubber. Its unique properties contribute to enhancing the performance of different products.

Calcium carbonate powder is produced through a process that involves precipitating calcium ions and carbonate ions from a solution. Fillerboy Pvt Ltd manufactures high-quality precipitated calcium carbonate using advanced production techniques, ensuring consistent particle size and purity.

Calcium carbonate powder is used in the paint industry as an extender pigment. It enhances the opacity, brightness, and coverage of paints, contributing to better paint quality and performance.

In the paper industry, calcium carbonate powder is used as a filler and coating pigment. It improves the paper's smoothness, opacity, and printability, making it an essential ingredient in paper production.

Yes, calcium carbonate powder is used in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used as a calcium supplement in medicines and also as a flow agent in tablet manufacturing processes.

Calcium carbonate powder is used as a filler in the plastic and rubber industries. It enhances the mechanical properties of plastic and rubber products, such as stiffness, impact resistance, and dimensional stability.

Yes, Fillerboy Pvt Ltd offers high-quality precipitated calcium carbonate powder for purchase. They provide the best precipitated calcium carbonate mineral in India at competitive prices, catering to various industries.