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Best Manufacturers & Suppliers of Feldspar in India

We Fillerboy Pvt Ltd produce sodium and potassium feldspar according to client requirements. We are one of Rajasthan's largest suppliers of Feldspar to the Glass and Ceramic industries. Fillerboy Pvt Ltd offers feldspar mineral at the most affordable costs in India and all over the world. Feldspar provider Fillerboy Pvt Ltd . is widely recognized. Using our services, Feldspar is delivered to our client's doorsteps, while its richness is enhanced and purified.


What is Feldspar:

Feldspar is a common mineral that forms rocks; its typical coloration ranges from off-white to pink to light. It is recognized as a natural source of aluminum oxide, sodium oxide, and potassium oxide (K2O) (Al2O3)

A category of minerals known as feldspar includes silicates of potassium, sodium, calcium, and aluminum. It is an all-purpose flux that may be used with any kind of ceramic body or glaze. Because of their high alumina and alkali content, feldspars are mostly employed in industrial applications. We produce both potassium and sodium feldspar of the highest quality in accordance with client requests. The two industries that use feldspar the most are glass and ceramics. available as chips and powder.