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Best Manufacturers & Suppliers of Calcined clay in India

Fillerboy Pvt Ltd provides calcined kaolin, also known as calcined clay, which is an anhydrous clay, thermally structured aluminum silicate made by heating ultra-fine natural kaolin at extremely high temperatures and utilized in industries such as paint, rubber, paper, and ceramic.

Fillerboy , one of the leading Calcined clay Suppliers in India, provides high-quality Calcined clay to a variety of industries around the world.


What is Calcined clay:

Calcined clay, also known as metakaolin, is made by heating a kaolinite source to between 650°C and 750°C. Kaolin occurs naturally in china clay deposits and some tropical soils, as well as in industrial byproducts such as paper sludge waste and oil sand tailings. It is a white powdered non-plastic anhydrous aluminum silicate). It is created when raw kaolin, also known as Clay or China Clay, is heated sufficiently to reduce its crystalline water content through a process known as Calcination.

Uses and Applications of Calcined Clay :


Calcined clay, also known as metakaolin, is a white powdered non-plastic anhydrous aluminum silicate. It is produced by heating raw kaolin at high temperatures to reduce its crystalline water content. Fillerboy Pvt Ltd offers high-quality calcined clay, which finds applications in various industries such as cement, petrochemicals, paint, rubber, and ceramics.

Calcined clay is used in the cement industry as a supplementary cementitious material. It improves the strength, durability, and workability of concrete, reduces carbon emissions, and enhances the performance of blended cements.

In the petrochemical industry, calcined clay is employed as a catalyst support in various processes. Its high surface area and pozzolanic properties make it valuable for applications in catalysis and hydrocarbon refining.

Calcined clay is used as an extender pigment in the paint industry. It enhances paint properties such as opacity, scrub resistance, and durability, making it a valuable component in architectural and industrial coatings.

In the rubber industry, calcined clay is used as a reinforcing filler in rubber compounds. It improves the mechanical properties of rubber products, such as tensile strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Fillerboy Pvt Ltd provides high-quality calcined clay with excellent pozzolanic reactivity and controlled particle size distribution. Their calcined clay is thermally structured to offer optimal performance in a range of industrial applications.

Yes, calcined clay is used in the ceramic industry to enhance the properties of ceramics and glazes. It can improve the strength, whiteness, and thermal shock resistance of ceramic products.